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Smart Soil Separator - 5" to 7.5" (2 pack)
Smart Soil Separator 5" to 7.5" (2 pack)
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Keep your container plants growing strong with the Smart Soil Separator!

The Smart Soil Separator™ is designed to extend plant life by providing a permanent airspace to the plant’s root system. It works equally well in both indoor and outdoor containers where the bottom measurement of the pot falls between 5” to 7.5”diameter. You can add the Smart Soil Separator to any existing pot or when transplanting to a new container. A pot with at least one drain hole and a saucer is recommended.

The Smart Soil Separator solves the problem of circling roots by providing additional air space to the plant’s roots. According to Washington State University, “Circling roots are ‘burned’ off or pruned when exposed to AIR, causing the plant to constantly produce new and highly branched roots.” A pocket of air is maintained encouraging lateral root growth.

In addition to providing increased airflow, the Smart Soil Separator takes the guess work out of watering by using a sub-irrigation wicking chamber. Potting mix is placed in the optional wicking chamber where it comes in contact with the water below. The plant’s roots pull up the moisture as it is needed, watering plants the way nature intended.

The patented Smart Soil Separator is made in the USA. It is an easy device you can use to revive struggling house plants, or ensure success with newly transplanted ones!

  • Fits pots with a bottom measurement of 5” to 7.5”
  • Sub-irrigation wicking chamber

  • Great for both indoor and outdoor potted plants

  • Easy to use

  • Made in USA