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The Siroflex Starter Kit makes changing out your garden hose fittings a snap!

Take the hassle out of watering with the Siroflex quick release garden hose connectors! The Siroflex quick disconnect hose fittings make watering your lawn and garden an effortless pleasure, not a cumbersome chore! Just attach to your hose or faucet, select the connector you want to use and snap it in place! Never worry about hose and coupling compatibility again! With Siroflex, you have an excellent selection of garden hose couplings to match your specific needs and the reliability to handle any task.

The Starter Kit Includes:
  • 2 female coupling garden thread
  • 5 male quick disconnect garden thread
  • 2 female quick disconnect STOP garden thread
  • 4 rubber washers (10 spare)
The Benefits of Quick Disconnect Hose Fittings 

Siroflex quick disconnect hose couplings are a high quality Italian made product specifically developed for ease of use in a variety of environments: home, garden, on the boat, or on the job.

Less Work, Less Hassle, and Less Inconvenience! 
  • No more screwing on and unscrewing hoses and sprinklers!
  • No more leaking faucets due to worn washers!
  • No more juggling garden accessories in the sun!
  • No more pausing your watering mid-garden to swap nozzles, with STOP threads!